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Mufflers & Exhaust Systems


Mufflers offer long-term solutions to most exhaust noise problems that arise from diesel generators, compressors, earthmoving equipment, trucks, tractors and other machinery powered by internal combustion engines.

Barclay Engineering manufactures a range of absorptive and reactive mufflers. Our entire range of mufflers are fabricated to GL (GermanischerLloyd AG ) certification (ISO 3834 ) standards. GL welding certification is one of the highest, globally recognised welding standards and we are proud to have achieved this level of fabrication quality throughout our range of exhausts. 

BAS Series

BAS series units are efficient absorptive mufflers designed for maximum acoustic performance and minimal backpressure.Their high acoustic performance and lightweight makes them suitable for most industrial situations. These mufflers can be utilised on all types of Reciprocating Engines  For more information click here

BCS Series

BCS series mufflers provide the highest attenuation for all critical situations. These mufflers are multi chamber reactive units that combine the performance of absorptive and reactive mufflers. These mufflers can be utilised on all gas exhaust applications, where acoustics and airflow require maximum performance.For more information click here

BIS Series

BIS series units are multi-chamber reactive units with good broad band performance. The main characteristic of this range is their low pressure drop figures, whilst still achieving an acceptable acoustic result. BIS mufflers are suitable for use on the exhausts of diesel engines and the control of plant noise. With good low frequency performance, these units can be used in most industrial situations. For more information please click here

BRS Series

BRS series mufflers are multi chamber reactive units, for use where better than average acoustic performance is required for residential or industrial situations. This range is designed for maximum all round performance and can be utilised on all types of Reciprocating Engines, Inlet and Outlets of Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, Compressors and Gas Handling Systems. For more information click here


Barclay Engineering can design, manufacture and install complete exhaust solutions, for more information Click Here or call one of our experienced Product Service Specialists - +61 (08) 9456 0300

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