Barclay Products

Our commitment to quality and performance in our products is a core element of our philosophy.

At Barclay Engineering, We can construct one of the most efficient fuel systems possible. Our fuel systems will provide you with the following equipment:

  • Size: all dependent on the site location (there is no standard size) all are custom built
  • Bulk Tank
  • Daily usage Tank
  • Fuel fill system
  • All fuel systems come with suitable sized fuel transfer pumps
  • Piping will be done from the Bulk tank using level control and pump controllers
  • Gate Valves of various diameters- Where required
  • Fittings
  • Bulk Tank Safety Valves (2).
  • Gate Valves of various diameters – Where required.
  • Fuel Pumps – To suit fuel requirements.
  • Yankee Flanges – Due to Day Tank by-passes there have been increases in the quantities of Yankee Flanges from the original scope.
  • Fuel Lines (Fill Point To Bulk Tanks ) – Now Approximately 70LM
  • Fuel Lines (From Bulk Tank to Day Tanks)
  • Fuel Lines (From Day Tanks to Engines)
  • Fuel Lines (Return & Drain lines from Day Tanks to Bulk Tank).
  • Bulk Tank Vent Piping.
  • Labor Component.
  • Pipe Paintworks.
  • Bulk Tank Fittings – due to the decrease in the number of Bulk Tanks to 2, Gauges, Level Indicators and other fittings have been decreased proportionately.