About Us

In 1974 a new chapter in the journey of one ambitious young man unfolded when he selected Perth, Western Australia, as his adopted home.

Barclay Engineering is considered one of the world’s leading mechanical & specialised acoustic engineering companies, a true reflection of the talent and commitment of the extraordinary individuals who have maintained the Barclay Team. The journey that led me from Perth Airport in Western Australia 40 years ago to where I sit today has far exceeded my expectations of a dream I brought to life in 1977. This accomplishment is a direct result of incredible focus, continuous improvement and disciplined quality management procedures. Barclay Engineering has achieved remarkable growth, particularly over the last two decades.

That growth requires us to be attentive to the needs of our clients. We are all subject to an ever changing landscape; our success is measured by our ability to cope with change and to adapt to the circumstances which face us. Strong growth of the economy and ever-increasing population is driving the demand for infrastructure development to new heights. Breakthrough advances in technology together with an infinite network of resources made readily available via the world-wide web are two key aspects providing industry with the capacity to meet that demand.

As our impact on the environment has become a global concern, the challenge relating to noise pollution has driven Barclay Engineering to develop practical solutions to the rising demand of strict noise control in industry. Under legislation there are more stringent controls over emission levels being imposed. We have the experience and understand the need to meet standards relating to these industries.

For those companies needing to upgrade their existing equipment or to start new projects, we have the planning, design and manufacturing capabilities to provide specialized solutions that meet the latest requirements. Barclay Engineering is expanding into new fields of engineering, design and manufacturing for the oil & gas industry as well as mining and commercial projects. This coupled with our new products division should expand our base and increase our turnover and profitability.

Our people provide the link between the aspirations of our company and the real world and I look to each and every one of us to rise to the pollution challenge.

Yours sincerely

Terry Barclay