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Rectangular and cylindrical silencers are used to reduce the noise in “air moving” applications such as air conditioning or ventilation systems, fan and blower inlets and outlets, dust control equipment, motor cooling fans, enclosure ventilation and other industrial applications. Both types of silencers are absorptive, with the rectangular silencer using absorptive splitters to reduce the noise, while the cylindrical silencer is insulated with acoustic infill and if required, a central-pod is inserted in the silencer for higher attenuation. Barclay Engineering offers the following:

Steam and Gas Blow-off Silencers

Steam and gas blow-off silencers are used on pressure relief valves, safety and other vent outlets for steam and other gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen or oxygen. Blow-off silencers usually have both a reactive and an absorptive component, and are of a heavy construction for the application.

Blower and Compressor Silencers

Blower and compressor silencers are either reactive or a combination of reactive and absorptive components. Typically they are used on inlet and/or discharge runs to reduce the airborne noise being emitted.