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Acoustic Panels, Screens and Wall Lining


Enclosure Panels

Modular acoustic panels manufactured by Barclay Engineering are of a tongue and groove design to provide ease of installation. Our panels are manufactured with a pre-galvanised sheet steel outer skin and a pre-galvanised perforated sheet steel inner skin. Non corrosive materials, aluminium and various paint finishes can also be offered. The standard panel in-fill is 50mm thick acoustic mineral wool; thicker in-fill or composite in-fill is also used when there is a need for higher acoustic performance.

Standard panels are available in several thicknesses, from 50mm to 100mm thick and are design to meet our customers specific requirements. Our composite panels have been tested for their acoustic performance at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia



Acoustic Partitioning Screens

Barclay Engineering’s office acoustic partitioning are a light-weight and hard wearing acoustic barrier, designed for most office and industrial situations. This versatile screen is ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications. Our unique flexible design allows for almost any arrangement to be easily and economically formed. 

Our acoustic partitioning screens can be tailor made to suit any floor plan or office design and provide a reduction in ambient noise in busy office environments. Many industries rely on acoustic products in their office environment, such as legal firms and the defence department



Wall Lining

Reverbatek wall lining provides outstanding sound absorption and so reduces noise levels inside buildings. The lightweight construction, high strength and durability allow for simple and efficient installation. All the components of the Reverbatek systems are non-combustible and will not burn or support combustion.