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Inertial Filters / Sand Traps


Our unique inertial filtration system is designed to minimize the ingress of foreign particles into an acoustic or other type of enclosure housing. This method of filtration achieves 95% efficiency @ 10um.  The filter utilises pressed steel blades, steel casing , supports and a bleed air fan which assists in the self cleaning process. Barclay Engineering Inertial Filters operate on the principal of inertia; the air is made to turn sharply at high velocity while the heavier particles continue past the blades and into the dust chute.The module is designed to meet airflow requirements of  housed equipment and is generally maintenance free during its life cycle. Fine dust that can be encountered on mine sites and sand from dust storms can create a major maintenance problem for a myriad of industries and locations.

Barclay Engineering has supplied this product design on many major projects globally and is preferred by customers who require a high performance, cost effective and low maintenance filtration system in harsh environments 

Self Cleaning

The inertial filters manufactured by Barclay Engineering are self-cleaning through bleed air fans mounted on the bottom of each unit which draws particles from the blade packs. The captured particles are then removed and blown away from the clean air inlet.  The self-cleaning feature of our filters means less maintenance and down time.The technology Barclay Engineering has developed for our Intertial filtration system does not include material or Hepa filters which require regular cleaning and ongoing maintenance. As such, we are the first choice for customers requiring a high performance, low maintenance filtration system.

Additional Options

Our Intertial Filters can be designed to suit most applications and environments, a number of additional options can be included to match a specific customer or site requirement, such as - 

  • Attenuation - Attenuators can be included to meet specific dB levels required for a paticular site
  • Transitions - We can taylor the transition section where the intertial filter meets an enclosure / building to suit a customers specification
  • Inlet Ventilation fan - In some instances customers require additional airflow into an enclosure / building, by including an inlet ventilation fan in the transition, we are able to achieve a customers specific airflow requirements.
  • Rain Hoods - In environments susceptible to high rainfall, rain hoods can be included to minimise liquid ingress
  • Increased Filtration - Additional filtration can be included to remove particles below 10um


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