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Fuel Systems

At Barclay Engineering, We can construct one of the most efficient fuel systems possible. Our fuel systems will provide you with the following equipment:
  1. Size: all dependent on the site location (there is no standard size) all are custom built
  2. Bulk Tank
  3. Daily usage Tank
  4. Fuel fill system
  5. All fuel systems come with suitable sized fuel transfer pumps
  6. Piping will be done from the Bulk tank using level control and pump controllers
  7. Gate Valves of various diameters- Where required
  8. Fittings
  9. Bulk Tank Safety Valves (2).
  10. Gate Valves of various diameters – Where required.
  11. Fuel Pumps – To suit fuel requirements.
  12. Yankee Flanges – Due to Day Tank by-passes there have been increases in the quantities of Yankee Flanges from the original scope.
  13. Fuel Lines (Fill Point To Bulk Tanks ) – Now Approximately 70LM
  14. Fuel Lines (From Bulk Tank to Day Tanks)
  15. Fuel Lines (From Day Tanks to Engines)
  16. Fuel Lines (Return & Drain lines from Day Tanks to Bulk Tank).
  17. Bulk Tank Vent Piping.
  18. Labor Component.
  19. Pipe Paintworks.
  20. Bulk Tank Fittings – due to the decrease in the number of Bulk Tanks to 2, Gauges, Level Indicators and other fittings have been decreased proportionately


To view a sample drawing of a type of fuel systems please click here.