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Acoustic Doors



Barclay engineering manufactures high quality acoustic rated doors for use in buildings where there is a requirement to limit noise transfer from one area to another. The doors are customised to suit the application, and these have included plant rooms, hospitals, offices, lecture theatres, concert-halls, acoustic laboratories, audiometry suites, conference rooms, broadcasting studios, and all types of acoustic enclosures. While we can supply the doors as ready to fit, due to the precision required to install the larger doors, we recommend the installation be carried out by our fully trained personnel.

Typically the doors are made from PGI (galvanised), black mild steel, or for aggressive environments, stainless steel. Door handles and hinges designed to cope with the heavy loads imposed by the doors are included. Other types of hardware such as wedges, locking worms and panic bars can also be fitted to these doors (subject to availability & performance). Items such as drop seals, acoustic door seals and single or double glazed windows have all been fully tested and approved for use in critical applications.

Doors can be finished in a variety of coatings including - base primed, standard enamel paint or powdercoated. Stainless steel doors can be provided as linished or polished.




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