12-16 Catalano Road
Canning Vale,
Western Australia 6155

PO Box 1653,
Canning Vale,
Western Australia 6970

Telephone: 08 9256 0900
Facsimile:  08 9456 0388

E-mail: info@barclayeng.com.au
Web: www.barclayeng.com.au

Company History

In 1974 a new chapter in the journey of one ambitious young man unfolded when he selected Perth, Western Australia, as his adopted home. At 24 years of age, a spirited Terry Barclay stepped onto the thick black tarmac with the clothes on his back and $47 to his name. Originally trained as a maintenance fitter he easily obtained employment with Fabricated Products a few days later. Terry planned to increase his resources without delay, so obtained a second job delivering the now highly sought after collectible soft drink crates.

After 6 months Terry decided to move on to join Sperry Vickers with a new interest; hydraulics. His aspiration to develop a highly successful business was easily sensed by anyone who spent even a short amount of time in his vicinity. Terry’s overwhelming aura of enthusiasm, driven by a profound inner dislike of failure, emanated through every thought, word and action he exerted.

Terry was approached by management with a considerable offer of promotion just two years later. Reluctant to make a commitment that did not clearly lead him closer to his premeditated goal, Terry decided to take a day to assess the offer before making a decision.

Arriving at work the following day he opted to decline the offer, conversely submitting his resignation with a goal to develop his own hydraulics business. In March of 1977 Terry obtained a loan to realise his dream thus Barclay Engineering was born.

Barclay Engineering was established as a one man hydraulics operation from a shared workshop in Willeton, Western Australia. Within a short time a business associate working with acoustics approached Terry with an intriguing enquiry; was he interested in submitting a quote for the soundproofing of a set of bulldozer cabs for Alcoa. Being quite conscious of the impact that all forms of pollution has on society and the environment Terry was invigorated by the challenge and completed the project with great success. Terry was amazed by the apparent potential of this application and decided to become a leader in the business field of acoustic engineering. Results of the necessary market research proved the demand for Acoustic Engineering services was clearly out-weighing the capacity of current industry supply.

This new field had opened up a niche market for Barclay Engineering. The following years would see Barclay Engineering establish a strong reputation as Western Australia’s leading sound attenuation company.

Accordingly 1989 saw Terry awarded Western Australian Business Executive of the Year Award.

At this point Barclay Engineering had in their employ over 60 staff occupying 3500 square metres of office and factory in Canning Vale. Up until 1989 Barclay Engineering worked with many companies both industrial and commercial including major development projects such as Aussat, Perth International Airport, the State Government Insurance Office building, Burswood Resort, Woodside Petroleum’s new office and a WA Newspaper development. From 1989 Barclay Engineering also moved into various marine projects, where they design and build sound-proofing to combat exhaust and engine room noise.

Over the years Barclay Engineering has been in the limelight many times, following are a short list of those;

1983 - 1990

  • Built WA’s biggest muffler-7 metres tall, weighing 6 tonnes-to fit an 8500hp gas turbine in the Eastern Goldfields
  • Formed SVT: a company to provide expertise in the identification and control of noise and vibration
  • Terry Barclay awarded the Australian Jaycees Five Outstanding Young Australians Award for Western Australia
  • Achieved $6mil annual turnover
  • Terry Barclay awarded ‘Business Executive of the Year’ 2 years running

1991 – 1994

  • Formed an alliance with A.E Smith of Victoria, Western Australia
  • Barclay Engineering nominated for ‘WA Trade and Industry Awards’
  • Featured at Kalgoorlie Goldfields Mining Expo
  • Formed a business relationship with the Caterpillar dealer for United Arab Emirates
  • Argyle Diamond Mines and WMC’s “Nifty”copper mine project
  • The first Australian Sound Attenuation company to acquire AS3902 certification
  • Worked on two Frame 9 gas turbines for SECWA, now known as Synergy

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