12-16 Catalano Road
Canning Vale,
Western Australia 6155

PO Box 1653,
Canning Vale,
Western Australia 6970

Telephone: +(618) 9256 - 0900
Facsimile:   +(618) 9456 - 0388

Web: www.barclayeng.com.au

Our Quality Policy and Common Goal

Barclay Engineering specialize in the field of design and manufacture of acoustic noise control equipment, and is able to deliver total solutions to our customers. As such we are not just a supplier of components; we are and want our customers to see us as being a full service provider in acoustic product design, manufacture and installation.

We are focused on achieving customer satisfaction, by meeting the customer’s needs and expectations in the provision of quality acoustic equipment.To meet our stated aim Barclay Engineering maintains a quality management system that conforms to AS/NZS ISO 9001.2000. We define quality performance as always meeting our customer’s product, performance and technical expectations.

We measure quality performance in terms of customer satisfaction as our first priority. Responsibility for system, product and service quality is not delegated, the system is maintained through a commitment by management and staff to continually improve, process efficiency, customer satisfaction and business management processes, this is achieved by senior management creating the atmosphere to allow this to occur.

We are committed to:

Continuous improvements of our performance through rigorous analysis of internal data, customer feedback and by implementing where appropriate improvement and preventative actions.

Fulfilling our obligations to society and fostering an open dialogue with customers, our people, our suppliers and the public.

Health & Safety

Company Safety Policy

The Management of Barclay Engineering recognises that the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees are of the utmost importance to its operations.

The objective of this policy is to minimise the chance of injuries occurring to employees from any company-related activity and to achieve year by year improvement in safety performance.

This policy will implement by maintaining an effective and ongoing accident prevention program aimed at safeguarding employees and contractors from accidents. The policy is developed in consultation with employees and the Health and Safety Committee.


Fitness Policy

Barclay Engineering is committed to providing and maintaining a work environment in which our employees are not exposed to any hazards arising from long working hours or the use and abuse of alcohol or drugs.

All employees of Barclay Engineering are required to report to work in a fit condition, in order to perform their required duties in a safe, competent and efficient manner.


Environmental Policy

Barclay Engineering recognises its obligation to customers, staff and the general public in regard to minimising adverse environmental impacts resulting from its operations.

The company is committed to continuously improving performance through an environmental management system based on planning, performance monitoring and through review process.

Barclay Engineering will:

  • Identify those of its operations with the potential to adversely impact on the environment and determine through planning and operational control to minimise the extent and severity of such impacts.
  • Reduce and where possible eliminate harmful waste and pollution from our workshop facilities and sites.
  • Dispose of all harmful waste and or by products in accordance with approved methods.
  • Where applicable comply with all Federal and State Government environmental legislation.
  • Develop emergency response plans for those operations to be deemed possible to pose a significant potential risk to the environment in the case of an unplanned event.

It is the policy of Barclay Engineering’s management to develop and instigate systems of work in appropriate areas that reflect the company’s goals in reducing any adverse environmental impact on both the local community and the global scale.


Equal Opportunity Policy

Barclay Engineering is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity.

Barclay Engineering believes that in living up to that undertaking, our employees will enjoy a rewarding workplace environment and that each person’s access to available opportunities will be based on merit only.

All applicants and employees can expect to be treated fairly in relation to employment, training, development and promotion with our company, based upon their demonstrated skills, qualifications and abilities.

Any reports of sexual harassment will be investigated promptly and confidentially. Sexual harassment is unlawful and is taken extremely seriously by our organization.

Discrimination, in any form, will not be tolerated. Barclay Engineering will not treat any person less favourably than another on the basis of their sex, race, age, marital status, pregnancy, family responsibilities, disability/impairment, religion, political beliefs, lawful union activity or sexual preference.

All Equal Employment Opportunity issues that are brought to the attention of Barclay Engineering will be immediately investigated and resolved while respecting the confidence and rights of all parties involved.