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Mission Statement

"We shall always conform to the requirements agreed with our clients and complete our projects with accuracy and punctuality"

Total Project Management

Barclay Engineering is capable of undertaking total project management of turnkey contracts, even if acoustics are just one component in the specified scope of works. Barclay engineers are vastly experienced in designing mechanical services for large-scale facilities such as diesel and gas-driven power stations, including pumping, filtration, fire fighting, tankage and heat exchanging, as well as all the associated pipe and steel requirements.

Acoustic Services

Barclay Engineering solves acoustic problems by first listening to the customer. The need to curb excessive noise is a critical factor in the design of a wide variety of buildings, facilities, patrol boats, fast ferries and many other constructions, products and services. From mining plants and equipment to power generation, processing plants, marine, factories, transport and hospitals there is an increasing need for the silencing of noisy works. With our vast experience in noise attenuation, we develop cost-effective solutions that meet legislative requirements and provide the optimum result.

Site Evaluation

As urban expansion lessens the distance between residential and industrial districts, there is growing awareness of the effects that excessive noise has on people’s health. Our engineers will visit a site where a problem may arise, and evaluate the impact of the noise. We then determine the scope of works required and develop a practical solution that meets environmental needs.

Projects of all sizes in all places

No matter how demanding the noise control project, we can take total responsibility for the planning, design, manufacture and installation. With our extensive range of acoustic products, practically any noise problem can be solved.

Barclay Engineering has completed countless projects across the globe, varying from a simple silencer to dampen the noise of a fan room through to turnkey projects for large gas turbine generators involving civil works, fire fighting, ventilation, filtration, enclosures, cranes, installation, lighting and electrics.